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To see how a beehive works and all of its parts, click on the link below to see what all of the parts inside a beehive are.

Forthcoming Events:

Happy Christmas to all of the Beekeepers and web site visitors.

I’m closed for the Christmas period and will re-open on the 7th of January 2015 as usual. 


Bakewell  Farmers’ Market 9am -  2pm  Saturday 31st January 2015


Click on the link below to see a video of Bakewell Farmers’ Market.

Tony Maggs started The Honey Pot back in 1990 at Markeaton Park Craft Village in Derby, UK, in the East Midlands, to provide a link between beekeeping and the public.
The beekeepers come to buy all of their beekeeping equipment, and the public come to buy their local honey and products of the hive by our own bees.
All of the honey we sell comes from near by at our own apiaries , so we sell direct to the customer.

The Honey Pot also does a few Farmers’ Markets and Shows and has a number of selected outlets near by to provide the customer with a source of local honey produced from our own apiaries, reducing food miles.
The honey produced by The Honey Pot uses traditional and ethical methods with minimal stress to the honey bees. The quality of local honey is down to the care of the beekeeper.
Local Honey is nature’s direct health food, do not confuse or compare local honey with the majority of honey available in the shops, this is imported and the methods used cannot be guaranteed.
Here in Britain, local honey will normally have the name of the county on the label and the beekeepers name and address.
If you are having difficulties sourcing local honey near to where you live, try your local Farmers’ Market, health food shops, shows, garden centres’ or some times your local butcher stocks local honey. If you are still having difficulties send me an e.mail and I will try and point you in the right direction and I will try and give you some contacts to try.
Where does your honey come from ?
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