About Bees

From Bee to Thee..

Many people ask the questions, where does honey come from? How do bees make the honey? and what is honey made from? or how do you get the honey from the beehive? What part of the bee does honey come from? This animated story will unfold and explain how the bees make this special food and how us beekeepers gather it and put it into jars ready for you to buy.

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Problems with Bees

There are many different species of bees that also cause concern every year and the most important thing is to know what type they are before you can get any thing done about them.
First do not consider destroying them as they are not only important but they are protected. They do essential pollination to flowers, trees, shrubs and crops.for information about other types of bees…click here

Observation Beehive

We some times go to the craft shows for a weekend and demonstrate beekeeping and talk to the public about how to start beekeeping, we take along our observation hive and also our cut away hive to show the public how a beehive works, for more information and to
see the observation bee hive and to learn about bees…click here

We have available our own information leaflets about the observation hive and How to Start Beekeeping, click on the products page to order one.

Bee Stings

One of the most common questions asked to a beekeeper is, do you get stung? and how many times have you been Stung? or what is an anaphylactic shock? This section is about the painful part of beekeeping and how to treat it if you do get stung, so for information about the bee stings…click here if you want to find out more.

Wasps and Hornets

Do wasps make honey? What is a wasp nest made of? How do wasps make their nest? Do wasps return each year? How do I make a wasp trap? Is the Hornets sting any more painful than a common wasp? What use are wasps? What do you do if you are stung?
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