Apiary Photos 2013

Following 2012 and this years colony losses the Media have been following the various stories about the number of bees lost, various non beekeepers have jumped in and come up with various answers, but most of the beekeepers are looking at the problems from a bigger picture, taking into account the many factors that our bees have endured.

All of the beekeepers I have spoken to agree that the biggest challenge to our bees in the 2012/ 13 season was the weather, we have had the most dreadful season our bees have had to cope with causing there season to be one of the most difficult. The constant cold weather and rain stopped our bees from taking advantage of the flowers and crops and any virgin queens were restricted to mate with the drones if at all.
There are many plants such as clover that only yield nectar when the temperatures are a warm enough, this was not reached just when the plants needed it the most. The exception to last year was a near normal August when my bees were on the Peak District producing a near average crop of heather.


Tony Maggs lighting his smoker to calm the
bees before opening up to carry out the
Spring inspection.

FSP_BEES_018  smoke  entranceApplying a small puff of smoke across the hives entrance in
preparation to inspect the hive to calm the bees before

FSP_BEES_007No bees in the Honey Super, so I’ll have a look in the
Brood Body.


No bees in this hive! So I’ll take it away to The Honey Pot
to clean and sterilise in preparation for a new colony in
the summer hopefully.


That’s better, good frame of brood in this hive, building up
as normal for this time of year.

Sealed brood covering about half of this frame, looking okay but still a lot
to do to catch up for this time of year.


No sign of food on this frame, despite continually feeding throughout the
winter and spring!


A cluster of bees and a nice frame of brood on this frame, but very little food.


It looks like we have another empty hive here?

FSP_BEES_014 (2)

It looks like we have another empty hive here too, I’ll take it away and prepare
this one too.

Lets have a look at this one, now.

Thanks to Rod Kirkpatrick of f stop press of Ashbourne,  Derbyshire for taking these excellent photos. You can order copies of these photos if you visit his web site below.

e.mail: rod@fstoppress.com  Web: www.fstoppress.com 

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