Bees Wax Birthday Candles

Bees Wax Birthday Candles

These special candles have been hand dipped from my finest local beeswax giving a natural taper. They burn cleaner and brighter than the paraffin wax candles and give a lovely smell. The small size now comes in packs of 20’s and 60’s and re-fill packs of 240, they burn for about 20 minutes each, there are also other larger hand dipped candles for those smaller candle holders including the special Jewish menorah holder.

New 240 pack for the trade or to re-fill your smaller packs of 20 or 60

New …. Small size down in price …. and new packaging for 20’s

  • Small 65mm x 5mm x 2o        was £2.50 now £2.00   45g code: HP012
  • Small 65mm x 5mm x 60       was £5.50 now £4.40  100g code: HP013
  • Small 65mm x 5mm x 240   was £19.95 now £19.00 350g code: HP013a
  • Large 100mm x 5mm x 24                                    £3.45      70g code: HP014
  • Large 100mm x 10mm x 6                                    £3.20      70g code: HP015
  • Large 150mm x 8mm x 8                                       £2.90      35g code: HP016

    New for 2016

  • Dolls House Candles, even thinner to fit in the tiny Candle Holders in a Dolls House

Extra thin 65mm x 3mm x 20                                      £2.00 40g code: HP 012a

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