Bees Wax Blocks

What do you use beeswax for ?
Beeswax has many uses, It is used directly or mixed with other ingredients. Here are just some of its uses : Archery strings, Bulling army boots, Candles, Chimneas, Cosmetics, Didgeridoos, Divers Zip, Fishing, Furniture polish and cream, Ironing, Sewing thread, plus lots more uses available in my leaflet.
There are larger blocks of 1kg minimum natural beeswax also available.

All of the Natural Beeswax comes from our own Apiaries.

Beeswax and Carnauba wax for wood turning.


Coloured Beeswax is used for Batik and Encaustic Art. Colours available: Red, white/ Ivory, blue, green, pink, orange and purple.

Also see Beeswax Polish in this mail order section
and to make your own beeswax polish, go to Cash and Carry/ Beeswax.

  • 28g 1oz natural x 2 £3.00 70g code: HP006

  • Blocks of natural beeswax £12.85 per kilo code: HP007

  • 28g 1oz coloured £2.00 90g code: HP037  (red, white, blue, green, pink, orange and purple)

  • 500g White/ Ivory (bleached) beeswax pellets. £6.99 550g code: HP037a

  • 28g Beeswax and Carnauba  £2.50 110g code: HP036

  • Information Leaflet £0.25 10g code: HP035

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