The National Hive

A basic ‘get your started’ hive. For those of you who suddenly have some bees but nothing to put them in.
Ready assembled to put your bees straight in. A few in stock or available to order.
Consists of: Open Mesh Floor, Brood Body, 11 Self spacing frames and foundation, Crown board and Roof.      £140.00

New, Basic Sloping Hive Stand with Legs                     £24.00

Eke  70mm for feeding or treating with Apiguard etc  £6.10

Thorne’s Bees on a Budget economy grade cedar hive in the flat. It contains an open mesh floor, brood body, two supers, crown board and roof, all of the frames and foundation required. Glue, nails, runners, spacers all parts and instructions included. We can now post this to you or a friend, free of carriage. ( UK only) as well as our cash and carry. Payment with order.                            £160.00

Watch our animated beehive come apart, and go back together…click here

Economy grade Cedar, in the flat
Solid Floor and Entrance Block     £18.50
Open Mesh Floor                              £19.50
Brood Body                                        £23.50
Super                                                   £18.50
Crown Board                                      £10.95
Cover Board (No Feed holes)           £8.85
Glass Quilt inc Feed Hole                £17.50
Roof 4″                                                  £26.20
Roof Lid, Galvanised Steel                £11.20
Basic Hive Stand                                 £8.25
Sloping Hive Stand                             £8.95
Sloping Hive Stand with Legs
(First Quality)                                      £28.75
Cedar Legs                                           

Nationl 14″ x 12″
Brood Body                                          £39.50
DN4 Frames  10                                  £17.00
Deep Wired Foundation                   £16.20
Dummy Board                                      £7.34

Commercial  (16″ x 12″)

Brood Body                                         £31.50
DN4 Frames  10                                £16.00
Deep Wired Foundation  10         £13.50

Watch Thorne’s video on how to assemble a Brood Body

Watch Thornes video on how to assemble a Super

Watch Thorne’s video on how to assemble a Roof

Printed instructions available at The Honey Pot

Watch our animated hive come apart and go back together again, click here….

All subject to availability.
If we run out, we can still  supply you but they will be premier hive parts  at Thorne’s catalogue prices.

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