Beeswax Polish Making

Beekeepers can use their surplus beeswax to make beeswax polish, it sells well and is much sort after by the public searching for this traditional beeswax polish, there are many uses for this wonderful polish including pine, antique furniture and all hard woods. Recipe book available about how to make it, see Books page, Cookery Book.

If you are after the finished product, go to the mail order section where you can see how to order the Beeswax Polish made at The Honey Pot.
Beeswax Blocks, see mail order section
Bees Wax Polish

  • Carnauba Wax 50g                                                      £1.20                                                                           

  • Carnauba Wax 250g                                                   £5.00

  • Pure Turpentine
    The other ingredient used in                   1 litre    £9.95
    Genuine Beeswax Polish   
                           5 litre  £36.95

  • Polish Tins (100ml)                                                     £2.50

  • Labels, Pure Beeswax Polish        10                          60p

  • Hazard Warning                                 10                         60p

  • Beeswax Wax Mould (makes 5 x 28g bars)        £4.10

  • Foundation Press for DIY foundation making

    Down in price                                                              £25.95

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