Integrated Pest Management

Varroa This has spread across the world remarkably quickly, by clicking on the link below it will show you a graphic map of the world as it spread from continent to continent. And the Varroa free areas still un discovered, let the map show you the way it evolved. Click here:  allow time for it to load) Integrated pest management is used to control Varroa now we can no longer rely on just Apistan or Bayvarol due to resistant mites, we need a varied approach to keep our bees in a healthy state. Your local beekeeping association is a valuable source of information too.

This handy picture helps to explain the life cycle of the Varroa mite well.
(Found in the DBKA page)

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  • Open Mesh Floor  (assembled)                                                                                £27.95

(as with all Varroa Treatment, read the instructions carefully before applying, The Honey Pot does not give individual  lessons on how to use these products)

Apistan (Down in Price) Beware of resistant mites

    • Two strips treats one hive                             £4.50

    • Pack of ten, treats five hives                         £20.45


Treats one hive    £5.75

Treats five hives  £27.00


  • BEEKEEPERS DISPOSABLE GLOVES (down in price) 100 % Nitrile Long Cuff Gloves, powder free. These industrial gloves are Ideal for many beekeeping tasks, they are long enough to stretch over your sleeves preventing the bees from stinging your wrist area. For general beekeeping and when applying medicines to your hive.

  • 5 pairs                   £2.65 

  • Box of 100            £25.92

  • Wax Moth

  • Certan     120ml   £15.00

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