Moving Hives

Need to transport a hive? Close up your hive when all of the bees have returned in the evening or early in the morning before they start to fly, use a travel screen to ventilate the hive, a strap to secure the hive together and an entrance closure to keep all of the bees inside. Take them to their new site as soon as possible (do not stop at the pub) as the longer they are closed up, the more stressed they become, especially in hot weather.

  • Travelling Screen                                           £16.00

  • Wire Mesh for DIY approx. 430 x 350        £3.50

  • Standard Hive Strap 1.                                   £5.00

  • Ratchet Hive Strap 2.                                     £6.00

  • Foam entrance closure                                       35p

1. Thornes video, How to use the standard Hive Strap

2. Thornes video, How to use the ratchet Hive Strap

  • Tidy Tray
    I use these when loading supers into the car and
    when extracting to stop those sticky moments.
    Also used for scraping wax off supers and frames
    and it can also be used as an emergency roof when
    weighed down by bricks.                                   £10.00

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