Best prices around and locally made here in Derbyshire for The Honey Pot. Use narrow ends in the brood body and narrow or wide in the supers. Our Double V Plastic ends are getting more popular too with the minimum contact between frames to avoid propolising.
Our Plastic spacers are a safer option than metal end spacers, no more cut fingers when removing stuck on metal spacers.

The Hoffman converter that does not take up valuable bee space on the outside of the frame. Easily fitted with 2 or 3 frame nails and no need to remove when extracting honey. They convert a standard frame into a hoffman frame.

Narrow or Wide plastic ends

50     £3.65
100   £6.80
500  £32.25

Stagger wide and narrow spacers in your supers to produce more honey per frame. The narrow ends are also available in colour. Red, blue, yellow and green. You can use these to readily remind you of the year of your queen.

Colour Narrow Spacers  50  £4.15

Double V          50  £3.65
Plastic ends   100  £6.80

Hoffman converter Clips
50    £4.70
100  £8.90

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