Wasp Traps

As the summer comes to an end, we are often troubled with wasps buzzing around us in our gardens and in to our homes.
By placing a wasp trap away from your house, the wasps are attracted to the sweet smelling jam inside the trap and will hopefully leave you in peace.

Do it your self
As well as the plastic cone you will need a margarine container or a jar with a plastic lid and some jam and some water.

I. Cut a hole 38mm, 1 and a half inches diameter in the centre of the lid, place the cone on the lid and hold it in place with a piece of tape.
2. Smear the inside of the lid and the top of the container with jam.
3. Half fill the container with water.
4. Place the wasp trap in the garden, away from your house.
5. Every few days tip out the wasps, rinse and repeat numbers 2 to 5.

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