April 2016

My bees don’t sting! How many times have you heard beekeepers say that?

Well I thought I’d do little video of the bees bringing in lots of pollen in my garden on Sunday the 3rd of April  during a warm spell and it started out so well, but see what happened soon afterwards. It was worth showing just to share a laugh.

Following a wet and cool March all beekeepers in this area are hoping for some warmer, drier weather to get the bees active and start the Spring build up to get the brood body full enough to add the supers to. Its always difficult to judge the right time to add more room, to early and it can set them back with far to much space and not enough workers to keep them selves warm enough. To late and over crowding can lead to early swarming setting things back even more. Experienced beekeepers know just the right time to do add more room by doing regular, brief inspections to get the timing right. We give them more space when they need it and there’s a sign of a nectar flow round the corner.

One thing that I needed to do to many of my hives recently was give them some feed. Normally they have plenty of stores that last right through the Winter until the early Spring flowers provide enough food. This year has seen them flying in the mild winter days using up their stores very quickly. This was done hopefully in time to keep them in a strong and healthy state.






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