March 2016

Welcome to the March edition, sorry for the long gap since the last one. As I put this one together it is beginning to look a lot like Spring at last, Chiff Chaffs arriving, Snow Drops going over, Crocus’s fully out, Robin making a nest in our garden, Pussy Willow coming into flower and a Queen Bombus lucorum, (Great big Bumble Bee) came and into my office as I’m writing this.

Pussy Willow in Flower in The Peak District


As a Bee Farmer I have to keep up with changes in the weather and the seasons as our the bees are responding accordingly.
One thing we have been aware of is the wet and mild winter that went on for a long time. Winter is normally not a problem but this time our bees were out flying more than usual and their precious winter stores was being used up quickly, fondant at the ready to top up. But access to my hives have been difficult with the wet and muddy fields making it a no go area for my pick up car. Carrying heavy feeds to the hives is hard work. Who said Beekeeping’s easy?





Cutting back over grown Trees to give the bees some day light

Winter work in the Apiaries has been carried out to keep up with the routine maintenance such as cutting back over grown trees to give the bees good day light, to shady and they spend less time foraging. Also it can get damp at this sight so it helps it to dry out.




Bottling our Honey ready for The Farmers Market

IMG_0293Our customers love our honey, they appreciate the difference between the stuff they’ve had before called ‘Honey’ and good quality local honey bought straight from the beekeeper. As a member of The Bee Farmers Association and both the local Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Beekeepers Associations, I know lots of beekeepers that are proud of the Craft and produce the best of all honey’s, just not enough to supply the demand.
More Beekeepers, more honey? Well yes but learn the Craft first, there are courses to attend and an array of books available. Your local association might know of a mentor too!
And you will be helping with the pollination of trees and plants.

Plenty of Beekeeping Equipment in stock

IMG_3837At The ‘New’ Honey Pot, our shelves are full of Beekeeping Equipment ready for the usual rush in Spring. Our new Unit 73 is proving to be just right for the Beekeepers calling in, with parking near by, loading and unloading simple and straight forward and a warm, clean and dry place to work.




If your not sure where we are, ask Alison in the Reception Office on Canal Street for directions.









Welcome to The ‘New’ Honey Pot, we’ve been here for just
over a year now and its working out well so far.


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